Optical Unique (voted one of the best optical stores in Ardmore & Mainline, PA) is a full service optical boutique specialized in exclusive eye wear, craftsmanship and superior service. We offer the most impressive collection of internationally designed and handmade frames.

At Optic Unique, we strive to present the best. We travel the world and attend seminars and exhibitions to complete our inventory. Quality, uniqueness in design, and exclusivity are our primary criteria when choosing a new collection. Material and workmanship are the basis of good product. Our focus is on the best source of metal and plastic frames. The use of titanium material in eyewear has revolutionized the industry. Titanium is strong, hypoallergenic, and lightweight. Our primary sources of titanium eyewear are Japan based manufacturers that surpass most of their European competitors.

Ingenuity and uniqueness in design are critical aspects of high-end eyewear. Clean and delicate soldering, multi-layer color laminations, laser engraving, and screw free construction are examples of such elaborate details. These factors greatly influence our decision when selecting a collection. Visit our store to explore the endless possibilities.

Eyewear is perhaps the most important accessory in our daily life. Choosing the proper eyewear for an individual may seem simple, but once attempted you will find it can benefit from expert hands.

We consider opticianing to be an art form. Our expertise in the field and sense of fashion truly sets us apart from our so-called competitors.

Our brands range from Oliver Peoples, Salt Optics, Barton Perreira to Oakley. We keep with up with Celebrity trends as well as stay true to classic looks.

Looking forward to serving you,
The Optical Unique Team